SEMI-THERM is an international symposium dedicated to the thermal management and characterization of electronic components and systems. Its goals are to:

  • Provide knowledge covering all thermal length scales from integrated circuits to facility levels
  • Foster discussions between thermal engineers, professionals, and industry experts
  • Encourage the exchange of information on academic and industrial advances in electronics cooling

Topics Include: Component/Board/System Thermal Design, Fluid Movers, Acoustics, Advanced Materials, Measurement Methods, Modeling & Simulation, Additive Manufacturing, Reliability, Design with AI, etc.

Applications Include: Processors/ICs/Memory, 3-D packaging, Computing Systems, Data Centers, Portable/Consumer/Wearable Electronics, Power Electronics, Harsh Environments, Defense/Aerospace Systems; Solid-State Lighting & Cooling, Biomedical; Micro/Nano-scale Devices, etc.

Publishing: Papers will be published in IEEE Xplore and in the SEMI-THERM Technical Library immediately following the symposium.

Visit for the Call for Papers and additional information.

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